Digital Health Technology is for Everyone

Our site offers an opportunity to both learn about and purchase a growing array of technology enabled tools that can help you and your family ease some of the challenges that can come with aging or a chronic illness or disability.  Take a look at the technology-enabled solutions that can enhance safety, wellness, connections or caregiving or help with a particular challenge. However, Digital Health Technologies can also benefit many individuals who wish to maintain or enhance their wellness at any age…

Stay Safe … Stay Well … Stay Connected 

Take a look around at how Technology is making a difference .....

Find increased independence, improved safety, wellness, and more options for connecting with family and caregivers. Peace of mind for all.

Find enhanced connectivity, improved care management, and reduced worry around the safety and wellness of loved ones.

Find improved efficiency, better reporting with less paperwork, and more opportunities to enhance caregiving opportunities.

What is Digital Health Technology?

Digital health technology is the convergance of technology with information and communication technologies that has the ability to provide solutions for a multitude of health problems or assist individuals with challenging health issues.  Digital healthcare is a multi-disciplinary domain which involves many stakeholders  and includes a number of `sub-domains`including assistive technologies, e-health, m-health, telehealth, telemedicine and telecare.

Silver Compass

Silver Compass Digital Health Tech is a division of Silver Compass Inc  which you can link to from this site.  Silver Compass is an Age Friendly Advocate that provides financial wellness services and a free  referral service to other Age Friendly Service Providers. Legacy Tracker Inc. is a sister company to Silver Compass which has developed a white label online software for personal financial & estate organizing and planning