Cool Digital Health Tech for the 50+ Market

Another Cool Slide Deck from AARP this one on Cool Tech for the 50+ market covering a wide array of innovative technologies that are looking to help with a wide variety of health & wellness challenges that are faced by this market in particular. These vendors attended the AARP Health Innovation 50+ Tech Expo in Atlanta last year and this deck was a short but good summary of that show.

AARP has segmented these innovations into 9 different areas of Health including: Medication Management, Aging with Vitality, Vital Sign Monitoring, Care Navigation, Emergency Detection/Response, Physical Fitness, Diet & Nutrition, Social Engagement and Behavioural and Emotional Health.

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Digital Health Overview & Insights (from AARP)

I thought this was a great overview of the Digital Health market to share that comes from the StartUp Health Division of AARP. They give specific consideration to the  50+ market. The US considers this an important market. I don’t yet see the same consideration in the Canadian Market; hopefully that will change very soon.

This report highlights the encouraging rise in health innovation among a growing population with increased medical needs. Nine Health Innovation frontiers are highlighted including Emergency Detection/Response, Aging with Vitality, Vital Sign Monitoring, Medication Management, Social Engagement, Navigating the Health Care System, Behavioural and Emotional Health, Physical Fitness and Nutrition & Diet

What is Digital Health anyways?


Digital healthGiven the pace of change in the area of technology enabled solutions that can make a difference to older individuals or those that are challenged with a chronic illness, we felt compelled to set up a separate site dedicated to these products and this is it!

Technology solutions can go a long way to helping individuals stay well, stay safe, stay and stay connected to loved ones and caregivers and that can bring peace of mind to everyone.

These ‘home health’ technologies or ‘digital health’ technologies as they have been named, can help individuals avoid crisis and possible hospitalization and help support aging in place by helping individuals remain independent in their own home.  Some of our technologies can help bring families together and eliminate any geographical isolation that may exist.

Overall, the development of these kinds of technologies that can make a difference to some of the challenges that come with aging is an emerging field that is growing at fast pace. Despite the fact that there are many great and innovative solutions in the market, they sometimes suffer from a lack of awareness. Our goal at Silver Compass is to help build awareness of these technology solutions and to supply the latest digital health and wellness technologies that fall within following categories:

  • Wellness Reporting/Telehealth monitoring
  • Activity of Daily Living (ADL) Monitoring and Alerts
  • Safety and Security technologies
  • Communication/Staying Connected technologies
  • Brain Fitness/Cognition Solutions
  • Med Management Solutions

In addition, Silver Compass is an authorized Platinum Dealer of GrandCare systems-a relative pioneer in the field and the developer of the most comprehensive & feature packed system for Caring on the market today.

The market is changing daily so there are lots of exciting products and developments to come. That’s why it’s important to stay in touch.

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