Cool Digital Health Tech for the 50+ Market

Another Cool Slide Deck from AARP this one on Cool Tech for the 50+ market covering a wide array of innovative technologies that are looking to help with a wide variety of health & wellness challenges that are faced by this market in particular. These vendors attended the AARP Health Innovation 50+ Tech Expo in Atlanta last year and this deck was a short but good summary of that show.

AARP has segmented these innovations into 9 different areas of Health including: Medication Management, Aging with Vitality, Vital Sign Monitoring, Care Navigation, Emergency Detection/Response, Physical Fitness, Diet & Nutrition, Social Engagement and Behavioural and Emotional Health.

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Fitness Trackers: Behavioural Change Device & Fashion Statement ?

This is what Mobi Health News had to say generally about health & fitness trackers in a summary they did after the CES show in January
Fitbit Colours

“The tracker itself — wearing it, checking it, showing it off to your friends, sharing the data on social media — is all part of what makes it work as a behavior change device. It’s physicality fuels an experience that people find motivating. People look down at their wrist and think “How much have I moved today?”

And..apparently a fashion statement…

“Similarly, fitness bands are starting to be seen as a fashion accessory, not in spite of their fitness functionality but because of it. In the 21st Century, it’s trendy to be techy, and people are proud that they’re taking steps to be more active.” 

What ever motivation we need that gets us to the gym is not such a bad thing
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