Tech 4 Good – CookStop, A Stove Top Fire Prevention Solution

Unattended cooking is the number one cause of home fires. CookStop can prevent them from starting


 Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fire injuries and unattended cooking is the leading contributor of those fires. Hood suppression systems, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinklers in a kitchen are of great benefit but they are reactive systems designed to respond only after a potentially dangerous event (smoke, fire, etc.) are already underway.

By comparisonCookStopTM is a proactive system that can prevent unattended fires from starting in the first place.  CookStop is a UL and CSA approved fire safety device developed to save lives by automatically shutting off an electric stove that has been left unattended stove after a preset period of time.

Who can benefit?

CookStop is highly programmable and can address the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) requirements of a diverse population an improve safety in any living environment. However, it is particularly well suited for:

  • Senior care facilities
  • Homes where individuals are experiencing memory issue
  • Campus housing
  • Homes with young and busy families
  • Multi residential buildings

How does it work?

CookStop uses motion sensing to scan for activity during cooking and when it senses that there is no motion around the stove, it begins a countdown to shut off the stove. A typical countdown is 5 minutes but different countdown periods can be programmed using a security key.  When someone returns to check on the stove within the countdown period; it automatically resets the countdown. If on the other hand, someone does not return to the stove within the countdown period, CookStop automatically shuts off the stove and keeps everyone safe.

 Added Benefit

CookStop also provides for 4 separate ‘lockout’ periods where the stove can not be used at all. These lockout periods might be useful in certain situations such as homes where children are old enough to stay on their own after school but not old enough to use the stove. The lockout period can overridden with the security key and each

 Easy setup

CookStop is ready to use right out of the box and generally takes about 20 minutes to set up.


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Digital Health Tech – for Family Caregivers

One day we may very well wonder how we coped before Digital Health Tech came of age.

As the majority of us are or will shortly become Family Caregivers and sometimes to more than one loved one.

Top concerns for Family Caregivers are fairly consistent:

  • Financial concerns bigstock-Vector-Icons-Family-Tree-A-d-34008410
  • How to balance caregiving with work or work and family
  • Encouraging participation or help from other family members
  • Sharing information with other family members
  •  Guilt…yes lots of guilt-along the lines of Am I doing enough?

Digital health technologies can help both local and remote family caregivers increase their peace of mind about concerns they have for those they care about particularly when those concerns relate to health, safety & socialization issues of a loved one that they are caring for.

Mobile Health Devices

These include the “Wearable Tech” that is being talked about a lot in the news these days. Mobile health devices that track, monitor and share information wirelessly are in the news a lot lately.  They include monitors for blood pressure, diabetes, weight, heart rate etc.  These tracking devices can help individuals with chronic issues gain control over conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure while at the same time, these monitors allow for sharing of that information with their family a distance away.  See some examples of the mobile health devices we carry here

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors that track movement can alert family caregivers to unusual or unexpected activity like a fridge not being opened all day or a door opening late in the night.  These sensors are intended to not be intrusive. One of the monitors we carry, CookStop not only monitors activity around a stove but it will also  automatically turning the stove off after a certain period of inactivity.  That can mean a Cooking Fire has been prevented; it’s hard to put a value on the peace of mind that kind of technology can provide.  See some other motion sensors here

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

Personal security devices like Direct Alert that offer emergency assistance at the press of a button have been around for some time. However,  many PERS (like Direct Alert) now offer fall detection which means that emergency assistance will be called for when a fall is detected as opposed to only where the emergency call button is pressed. This alleviates concerns that family can have about a loved one who may not willingly press the alert button for help or is unable to do so.

Age Friendly Software

It’s no longer the case where communicating with friends & family members’ online means learning how to navigate the internet or learn how to use MS Outlook!  Now all is one systems as well as standalone software offer those without any prior computer experience or knowledge the opportunity to both exercise their brain in a different way, communicate with friends & family & share photos & videos. It’s about time! Social isolation is a growing problem today and so this opportunity for families to remain close or re-connect is a real “gift” See our options here for Age Friendly Software Solutions

 Coordinating Care

Digital or web based caring communities that are available online can help bring balance and some organization to family caregivers by providing information, message boards, and help calendars that can be shared. Lotsa helping Hands is one such service-a free service that helps family caregivers overcome some of the challenges can naturally come with managing a health or medical crisis in their family. By helping build a “community of care” technologies like Lotsa Helping Hands enable family caregivers to better manage everyday tasks, “share the load”and engage others for assistance.

Wearable Health & Fitness Tech for Caregivers !

 What’s “cool” about the newest crop of digital health technology that is coming out now is that it really is not just about helping those who may have a chronic illness, disease or health concern.  That is, it’s  not just about being reactive but finally about being proactive. Digital health technology is for really for everyone and nowhere is this more evident than in the area of the wearable fitness devices or health monitoring devices.

Caregivers may have concerns about their own fitness levels as they balance a life that may be overloaded with work, family and caregiving. A wireless activity tracker like a Fitbit for tracking steps, distance, and sleep might be a good start. It’s also important that caregivers keep a check on their own health which may easily deteriorate as their everyday tasks add up which can really take a toll on their own health. Monitoring your own health may even help make the case for convincing your loved one should they be reluctant to consider health monitoring.