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Our site provides an opportunity to both learn about or purchase Digital Health Technologies designed to assist older individuals or those with a chronic illness or disability enhance their independence in a variety of ways. Many of these technologies can also enhance peace of mind for those that care for a loved one. However, new & innovative Digital Health Technologies can also now enable individuals to maintain or enhance their level of fitness or wellness.  So look around and don’t hesitate to connect with questions or for more information

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Stay Safe

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Safety & Security are often a major concern for families & caregivers of loved ones challenged by a chronic illness, disability or age related challenge, particularly if a loved one is living alone or has reduced vision, hearing, mobility, perception or memory. A variety of Digital Health Technologies can make a difference by enhancing safety while at the same time enhancing independence, quality of life, care & health. Peace of mind for everyone in the circle of care is also made more possible. Technologies to enhance Safety include Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Fall detection & prevention systems, Environmental Monitoring (temperature, smoke, flood & fire), Activity Monitoring including wander management & Unattended Stove Shut-Offs, etc. The market is changing rapidly so please be sure to reach out to us should you have any questions or a specific safety concern you are looking for help with.

Stay Well

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Innovative products now combine cutting-edge technology with convenience for the benefit of managing and promoting health & wellness. These technologies can offer better health outcomes. reduced costs, better co-ordination of care reduced caregiver burden as well as peace of mind for loved ones and caregivers. These digital health technologies include health promotion technologies, wellness monitoring, telehealth & telemedicine, cognition fitness, and medication management. [more]