USP All-In-One Sensor Pads for Fall Prevention


This all in one “StandDown” sensor offers revolutionary fall-detection monitoring. They are specific to Beds, Chairs or Floors for alerting of movement (without assistance) that would indicate or help avoid a fall. Fall detection & Wandering alert. No programming or setup required. Just turn it on and it starts working. No plugs to connect or wires to route or batteries to replace.



StandDown All-In-One Pads come with a self contained sensor and are placed on a chair, bed or floor. Switching the tamper-proof switch to “ON” activates monitoring.  The system will not alarm as long as your loved one or patient does not attempt to stand. If they do, the alarm will sound and stop when they sit again. The system automatically resets to continue monitoring.

Key features are as follows:

  • Alarm tone may be adjusted with Alarm Volume Control.
  • Can be wiped down with standard disinfectant for easy cleanup
  • No tangled wires, control boxes or batteries to replace
  • When unit is not in use, StandDown folds for easy storage.
  • Features a “Pause” function
  • Simply place & operate
  • Comfortable  and Latex free
  • Tamper proof
  • 1 year warranty from date of first use and first use can be up to a year after purchase