USB Medical IDs

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Medical IDs save lives. Now Universal Medical ID Canada has combined an  engraved Medical Alert ID bracelet, dog tag or key chain with a password protected USB flash drive to ensure all of your medical history and other important information is available by using a set of pre-loaded  forms  to set up a personal health file for yourself or a loved one.  Now all of your medical information can be worn around a neck, carried in a briefcase or on a key chain. Ready if and when needed.


Welcome to the future of Medical Alert IDs with this combo Medical ID Alert Jewelry & USB Flash Drive

Medical ID’s Save Lives.

This product also from Universal Medical ID Canada, combines a traditional (yet now much more fashionable) Medical ID Alert Jewelry item with a USB flash drive.  The most important medical details would be engraved on the surface of of the jewelry. However, the  USB flash drive allows for more detailed  information to be made  available in a portable personal health file. The information is password protected and the USB comes pre-loaded with forms to simplify setup and updating.  This can better ensure that important information is available when needed and where needed.


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