Unfrazzle Caregiving App


Unfrazzle helps reduce the stress of caregiving by helping you remember and keep track of all your caregiving tasks and stay in sync with family members

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Unfrazzle’s mission is to make it easier for caregivers to remember and keep track of caregiving tasks, to stay in sync and share tasks with others and as much as possible, find more space for joy, health & life.

Key Features:          

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  • Tasks which can include medications, chores, appointments etc.
  • Flexible reminders for scheduling
  • Activites & Observations & Journals
  • Privacy Controls/Data Backup
  • Connect with other friends & family in the same care circle or with others
  • Sync

Available for iPhone, iPad or Android

Unfrazzle explained (Video) 

Link for Android 

Link for iPhone or iPad

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