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bigstock-Child-With-A-Phone-1891057PointerWare is the simplest way for older individuals or those  without any prior computer experience to connect online with family, friends and the wider world.  PointerWare can also help senior oriented organizations or facilities differentiate their services and amenities to attract new members or residents or generate additional revenue.  There are no upfront costs only a monthly fee of $6.49 per user.  Free Trials are available.


We would be happy to set it up or deliver a pre-installed product on your choice of PC or Tablet.  Call us for details.


PointerWare is “Computers made Simple”

PointerWare offers Senior Oriented Organizations like Assisted Living Facilities or Communities an affordable, easy to install multi-user Age Friendly Software

6 Button Home Screen

PointerWare has been designed specifically for older individuals with no prior experience in using a computer. Easy to install and ready to go in minutes. It installs OVER Windows and can be set to automatically launch when the computer is turned on. PointerWare for Senior Facilities or Senior Organizations allows members or residents to have their own personal account, either on a shared public computer or in their own suite.   Each members data is completely secure and separate. Staff or Volunteers will find it easy to add/delete accounts over the web. The same simple & intuitive interface is made available for  all users. All accounts can automatically syncronize across all workstations but main menus can be customized.

PointerWare uses extra-large fonts & plain English

Here are some other key features:

  1. Voice and Video Calling
  2. Simple and Easy Email
  3. One Touch Photo Viewing
  4. Brain Fitness games
  5. No Nonsense Internet/Website Viewing
  6. Available in over a dozen different languages !
  7. Remote Support-Easy access/24 hour Email support
  8. The PointerwareConfiguration Utility makes tech support easy for Pointerware technical support or caregivers
  9. Online address book can be customized and include pictures of contacts for easy selecting
  10. View Word, Powerpint and PDF documents
  11. Can be used on a windows touchscreen,with a mouse & keybaord or tablet
  12. Affordable!

Pointerware is free for the first 30 days!

Here’s a video about how PointerWare works

And some user testimonials!

Simple and Easy Email

Easy Address Book

PointerWare assigns all clients their own email address, Family/Friends can assist by adding their own contact information with a picture to the visual address book Because the addresses are assigned there is no worry about spam or remembering email addresses.

Easy EmailWhen an email is received; it automatically pops up on the screen & with 1 click the email can be read easily with nice large text. The email can be printed but more importantly-it can also be heard. Sending a message? Messages can be made easier sometimes by sending a voice mail instead

One Touch Photo Viewing

One touch photo viewing PointerWare makes sharing family photos with users easy/joyful! Photos sent as an attachment are automatically downloaded into a photo album for viewing using 1 click. A fully zoomed display make them even easier to view.

Brain Fitness

Brain Fitness Games

Brain Fitness Games

PointerWare makes keeping mentally fit easy with the help of brain fitness games

Voice/Video Calling

Using built in popular Skype™, PointerWare shortens the effort to having unlimited & free face to face time with family & grandchildren in particular, to 2 clicks

Internet/Website Viewing

Easy InternetNavigating the Web is a lot easier using PointerWare built in “No Nonsense” and simple web browser – no worry about tiny text or finicky scroll bars either