MyHealthPoint App for Android


This free App is a fairly comprehensive Health & Wellness solution to improving health particularly for those with diabetes as it integrates wirelessly with MyGlucoHealth Blood Glucose Products (sold separately on this site)


MyHealthPoint App is a comprehensive health and wellness solution that helps support better management of health and wellness goals …enabling users to improve their overall health. 

It is easy to use and offers flexible tools that allow mobile and web access to your personal and customized health portal. It is a free mobile app that is designed to be used with a personalized online portal. Users can choose to use just the Mobile app or can use their online personal portal or both as the data that is wirelessly or manually entered is synced to both.

Keep track of your Diabetes  This APP  offers a complete and comprehensive Diabetes Management solution. With the use of the MyGlucoHealth wireless Glucose meter, the world’s first FDA cleared meter and the most accurate meter on the market, making management of diabetes complete and easier. The MyGlucoHealth Meter wirelessly transmits readings to the personal online portal and can allow you to securely share readings to caregivers if you chose.  Automatic alerts are sent wirelessly on high and low readings and messages can be sent automatically if you forget to test. The solution is completely customized for you and all alerts, sharing of test results and reminders are set by you!

The MyHealthPoint App also provides other great features for better health:

  • Tools to track and record meals and snacks HCSMARTAPP061a
  • Chart nutrition goals & analyze the ratio of caloric intake & weight levelsHCSMARTAPP061c
  • Set and track weight goals
  • Record and chart workouts
  • Keep track of blood pressure
  • Medication management including information relating to type and dosage requirements as well as supply management

This App allows you to upload health information and results but also supports manual entry of readings.  Various levels of integration based on regional partnerships

This App is available for use on an Android device and avaiable for free directly from Android (Link Provided)