Key to Life-Keychain Pill Holder


Key to LIfe is a Key Chain Pill Holder that allows individuals to have ASA available at all times. Yes. This particular product maybe low on technology, a relatively simple product but it’s included here because,  in the event of a heart attack, one little pill can make a difference. Chewing ASA (Aspirin) has been shown to improve survival rates by those suffering a heart attack.  ASA works by preventing blood platelets from attaching to the blood clot causing blockage. Heart Attacks Happen….Be Prepared.


While this site typically is dedicated to technology enabled solutions, this particular product is small on technology but can make a BIG impact so we’ve included it here. It  can save a life and we are truly enamored with the founders so here you will find it.

The founders happen to be 2 young brothers who  were even younger when their own Dad, Dale Beaulieu died of a heart attack while watching Brett play hockey in Jordan,Ontario in 2005. Brett was only 11 and his Dad was only 48.  Now, Brett and his older brother Andrew  have dedicated themselves to improving heart attack survival rates and increasing awareness about the potentially lifesaving benefits of ASA while ensuring that it’s easily accessible.  There Dad was not so lucky; no one had ASA on hand or was knowledgeable about the importance of chewing ASA at the first sign of a heart attack.  While their Dad was not lucky he would definitely be proud of the mission his have taken on for others.

Andrew and Brett Beaulieu of Beamsville

The Key to Life is like keeping an ASA in your pocket at all times; but that would be messy.

Instead, it’s stored in a waterproof pill holder that attaches to a key chain. It’s designed to hold 1-325mg or 2-81Mg Aspirins to be at the ready, in the event that you or someone you know (or even someone you don’t know) is experiencing signs of a heart attack. The  ASA  could very well  save a life.

Heart attacks are caused by blockages in arteries that slow or stop blood supply to the heart. However, when someone who is having a heart attack chews one 325 mg tablet or two 81 mg Aspirin tablets, the drug can inhibit blood platelets from attaching to the blood clot causing the  blockage and keeps blood and oxygen flowing, which provides more time to get emergency help and can limit damage to the heart.  Since, most heart attacks happen the hospital; it can be a life saver.