ImmunizeCA App


No more old Yellow Cards that are too often misplaced for Canadians!  A free mobile (bilingual) App has been designed specifically for Canadians and their families  to keep track of their immunizations. Now Vaccine information and schedules are available where ever your phone is and vaccination appointments have less chance of being missed.  That’s good news for everyone.



The ImmunizeCanada (ImmunizeCA) App is Free and a Canadian first.  It provides Canadians with the ability to manage their families’ vaccination records with the use of their smart phones or mobile devices. Specifically, it will provide Canadians with the ability to:

  • Easily record and store vaccine information
  • Access vaccination schedules
  • Manage vaccination appointments for the entire family
  • Access evidence-based and expert-reviewed information about recommended and routine vaccinations for children, adults and travellers
  • Receive alerts about disease outbreaks in their area

It can be downloaded from iTunes, GooglePlay or Blackberry World


Visit Immunize Canada about the ImmunizeCA app