IBiomed for iPhone & iPad


iBiomed enables you to organize your health information or the health information for a loved one and syncronize with caregivers. The goal is to help ease the burden on those living with a complex health condition and their caregivers by providing easy, efficient & reliable record keeping.


IBiomed  organizes your health and is a social network for your health with the goal of easing some of the burden of recordkeeping  related to finding, accessing & providing health care information & records.

Key Features :

  • Medication Log Book                                                                                                       HCSMARTAPP051d
  • Medication Reminders
  • Medication Supply TrackerHCSMARTAPP051aTime Stamped Notes
  • Daily Journal
  • Health Discussion forum
  • Share access with caregivers
  • Manage multiple individuals that you may be caring for

This App is available for use on an IPhone or iPad & is available directly from the ITunes Store for free (link provide)