Mobile GrandCare with the “Trillibit”

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Professional caregivers do important work but they can become ‘over-tasked’ with some of the more tedious yet important tasks. The mobile version of GrandCare is specifically designed for the needs of professional caregivers, offering an opportunity to reduce paperwork and  maximize patient value without compromising patient dignity

GC Mobile Care Menu

GC Mobile Care Menu


Digital Healthcare systems can never replace the human touch. However, they can enhance the work environment for caregivers and improve efficiency so that more time is available for hands-on care. Enhancing caregiver interaction and building deeper relationships with clients means that the value of service offered to clients is enhanced..

GrandCare Systems  has specialized in assistive technology since 1993. The GrandCare system  offers  a leading edge, comprehensive  & fully customizable wellness & communication system at an affordable price. It is a full-featured management system that supports remote monitoring and communication with multiple clients. It can fill in the gaps between visits and improve overall care and ultimately provide for more revenue and reduced costs.

Here’s a summary of the major benefits of this mobile/touchscreen version of GrandCare specifically designed with the needs of professional caregivers in mind:

·Remote monitoring of clients with built in alerts if someone is needs help
·The mobile touchscreen model supports professional caregivers when making rounds to record care notes
 and/or collect vitals using wireless bluetooth enabled health  monitors;  data collected can be uploaded to the database automatically. reducing time spent with paperwork
·Improved management of chronic conditions means improved client satisfaction
·Coordinating schedules with staff OR family members enhances efficiency
·Providing family members with information and keeping them “in the loop” with online care notes builds better, deeper relationships and potential referrals
·Remote care can provide source of additional revenue for caregiving organizations
·GrandCare comprehensive systems are the ideal, cost-effective way to support your staff with technology that can also enhance client relationships.