GrandCare ADL (Activity) Monitoring & Alerts

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GrandCare…where Caring meets technology

GrandCare provides a full line of non-intrusive monitoring products ranging from motion and temerature sensors to door, bed and chair sensors that are add-ons to the GrandCare System. They bring peace of mind to family and caregivers when extra attention is needed.



This activity add-on kit is an expansion of the GrandCare System and contains the most popular sensors (wireless X10 and Z-Wave) to monitor a loved one’s environment, including time spent in bed, use of refrigerator, use of pillbox, frequent trips to the restroom, front door monitoring, unusual wandering patterns, etc. The system can then be accessed by family and caregivers using the web-based GC-Manager to review the safety of the resident  but most importantly, the system can also alert family or caregivers about specific events or unusual activities by sending an alert email, text message or phone call to loved one or caregivers if something is amiss.

Motion Sensors detect patterns of motion including No Motion/Any Motion/Excessive Motion/Wandering Motion

Motion sensors provide insight about the general activities in the home and can alert family and caregivers about specific events happening or not happening.  For example if there is no activity in the kitchen during regular meal times; an alert by text or email can be sent. If motion Is detected at the foot of the bed during the night; a light can be turned on automatically. If there is excessive motion in a bathroom for an extended period; contact with an emergency call list can be made. If wandering motion is detected; a text can be sent.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors allow for the monitoring of both inside or outside temperature to ensure that it is within an expected range. An alert or message can be sent if it is out of that expected range.

Lighting Controls/Modules

Lighting rules can be set up to turn lights on/off at dusk or dawn. But  lighting controls can also work alongside door or motion sensors such that if the front door opens  or motion is detected during certain hours or motion is detected ; a light is turned on

Door Sensors detect openings including : Opened/Not opened/Next Open

Doors can include pill boxes, external doors, refrigerators or garage doors and the sensors provide alerts if  doors open at the wrong time or not at all. For example if a door is opened during the night; a neighbour can be called. If a pillbox is not opened when expected ; a reminder can be sent. If a fridge is not opened; an alert can be sent to a family member or caregiver.

Bed and Chair Sensors detect sleeping patterns or disrupted sleep including: In Bed/Out of Bed

With a bed or chair sensor, an alert can be sent if an action is not taken like getting out of bed or a chair or fails to go to bed at all.

Fixed Buttons or Wearable Pendants initiate various assigned actions

These “action” buttons are not intended to be used as a Personal Emergency Response System but instead for taking an assigned action such as  help making a phone call  or turning a light on or off