Direct Alert Personal Emergency Response


Emergencies happen and when they do, they require quick intervention which is why a medical alert device can make a real difference to you or a loved one.  Direct Alert is our preferred solution –affordable, reliable, Canadian and available around the clock to support safe and independent living. There are 2 levels of monitoring fees. With an upfront fee of $199.95 plus tax the monthly fee is $19.95/per month plus tax. With No upfront fee the monthly rental is $39.95 plus tax which includes the rental and the monitoring.  Paperwork must be completed with Direct Alert. We will follow up with you to complete this paperwork with you,



Direct Alert is a wireless 2-way home Emergency Response System consisting of 2 main components – a control panel that works like a 2-way voice speakerphone and a personal help button. Help is only a press of a medical alert button away. Around the clock reliable monitoring  24 hours a day, 365 days a year means you or your loved one is never alone.

Stay Safe

Stay Safe

How it Works

  • If you or your loved one needs help, a push of the personal help button will send a signal through the control panel to Direct Alert’s Emergency Response Center.
  • A trained professional member from Direct Alert’s Canadian medical alarm system team will immediately communicate with you through the 2-way voice panel to confirm your need for help and make sure that help is sent without delay
  • Your emergency contacts will be notified
  •    Direct Alert will stay on the line with you until  that  help arrives.

Key Benefits

Here’s more information about how Direct Alert works and some of the key benefits:

  • Direct Alert can be used anywhere in Canada. All that’s required is a phone line
  • The range of the wireless call button is up to 600 feet from the main unit. In most cases, that means that you will be able to hear and be heard from another room.
  • The wireless call button can be worn to fit most lifestyles-on a wrist or as a necklace & it’s water resistant up to 3 feet
  • The control panel can also be programmed for up to 16 daily med reminders for those who may have a need
  • The help button can also be used to answer the phone.  That can be useful when you have left your phone in the other room.
  • Fall detectors can be added in at an additional cost-they are worn on a belt or around the neck and will automatically detect                  a fall and signal for help automatically. Please inquire,
  • No Contract/No Activation Fees/No Hidden charges
  • Easy installation
  • Monthly Monitoring Fee varies with or without an up front fee. The Rental option is $39.95 per month plus tax which includes both monthly rental and monitoring.  With an upfront fee of $199.95 plus tax the monitoring fee is $19.95 plus tax /per month

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