CookStop-Proactive Stovetop Fire Prevention

Peace of Mind for Everyone

Peace of Mind for Everyone

Cooking fires are the No. 1 cause of home fires and home fire injuries & unattended cooking is the leading cause of these fires. CookStop automatically shuts off an unattended electric stove, helping prevent cooking fires (and burned food). This is a useful device for many situations including homes occupied by older individuals, individuals with memory impairments, students, busy families or group residences. CookStop can also be programmed to set the stove for use only during certain hours or days (such as when a caregiver is in attendance)

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Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires each year with the majority of cooking fires originating from the stove top. Unattended cooking is a leading cause of household fires and injuries. Adults over 65 and Children under 5 face the highest risk of death from home fires that originate in the kitchen.

CookStop™ is particularly well suited for older individuals or individuals that may have a memory impairment ; CookStop can help many older individuals remain independent & safe in their own homes longer. CookStop is also well suited in multi residential units, in student housing, or homes with busy families, especially where children arrive home after school before parents.

CookStop is a patented, UL and CSA approved safety device that turns an electric stove off when left unattended. It works immediately upon installation and does not require any alteration to the stove. It is also simple and unobtrusive to the kitchen’s existing decor , with large buttons for easy use. The stove original functions, like the clock and temperature functions remain the same.

Key Benefits

Here are some of the key features of CookStop and more information:

  • CookStop is highly programmable and can address the activities of daily living requirements of diverse populations
  • Programmed settings are made using a secure key allowing certain settings to be locked and tamper proof
  • Computer controlled motion sensor technology continuously checks for movement in the kitchen while the stove is on
  • When CookStop senses that there is no movement, it automatically begins a countdown to shut the stove down after a preset period of time (usually 5 minutes). If motion is detected within this countdown period, the timer is automatically reset and the stove will remain on. However, if no motion is detected within the countdown period, the stove will be turned off
  • CookStop also provides for controlled use of the stove during only certain hours or days
  • Different power supplies are available for different stove connections-no alteration of the stove is required. The exact connection depends on when the home was built and the power source. CookStop has several models including 3-wire and 4-wire plug-in kits  which are more common and used for slide in ranges. Direct  wire or corded connection kits are also available.  The plug in kits do not require  an electrician for installation
  • Currently CookStop does not work with gas stoves however, development is in process to accommodate gas stoves
  • CookStop requires no batteries to operate. If there is a power outage, the programmed settings are restored with the power
  • CookStop does not require any maintenance beyond wiping it occasionally with a damp cloth.

 How it Works

CookStop™ was developed to help prevent the possibility of dangerous, unattended cooking fires and make homes safer by turning off the electric stove when left unattended using motion sensor capabilities to determine someone’s presence in the kitchen. It is a proactive solution designed to stop fires from happening as opposed to being a reactive solution like smoke detectors or sprinklers etc.

When CookStop™ does not detect someone in the cooking area, it begins a countdown and if the user does not return within an allotted period of time, the power to the stove is automatically turned off . As long as someone is moving in and out of, or around the kitchen, CookStop™ continuously resets the countdown timer to full.

While CookStop™ is highly programmable to address the activities of daily living (ADL) of a diverse population with different needs, the end-user only needs to know “Cook” and “Stop”.