Brinno Peephole Viewer – the peephole has gone digital!

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The Front Door is the most basic home security tool an individual or family can have and yet, the classic optical peephole which has been utilized  for some 40 years has some real ‘inadequacies’ for many older individuals and individuals with visual impairments. But thanks to Brinno, the peephole has gone digital and it brings many benefits with it.

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The Front Door is the most basic home security tool you or your family can have, and yet, the classic optical peephole which has been around for some 40 years has some ‘inadequacies’ particularly for older individuals or those with visual impairments:

  • The image quality is often poor and even poorer in low light
  • The user must place an eye to the door to view but this darkens the peephole, which alerts the visitor that someone is at home
  • The height is not right for all individuals

However, the Brinno digital peephole viewer overcomes these challenges and enhances the view provided of visitors to a front door.

Key Benefits

Here’s a summary of the Key benefits of the Brinno Peephole viewer  and how it works:

  • A simple press of the power button under the 3″ LCD panel  turns the viewer on with a clear image of who’s at the door without        any darkening of the peephole
  • A second press of the button will provide a Zoomed in or larger image of the visitor
  • Repeated pressing of the button will rotate the viewer between a regular image and a zoomed image
  • The LCD panel offers Brightness enhancement by compensating for both low light images as well as for “fish eye” distortion
  • The viewer will turn off automatically after 10 seconds to conserve battery life. Any press of the button will restart the timer             for 10 seconds.
  • As an option for added protection, the Brinno Peephole Viewer Model 1330 offers an image recording function to record the visitor’s photo on a MicroSD card

What’s included

This product includes the following items:

  • PeepHole Viewer (PHV1325)
  • PeepHole
  • Base Flange
  • Washer (for 12mm peephole)
  • Tightening Tool
  • 2 AA Batteries


User Manual

Brinno Peephole Viewer Brochure

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