Bant Diabetes Management


Bant  makes blood glucose data capture easy by enabling wireless automated transfer of readings directly from a blood glucose meter to an iPhone or IPod Touch. It also uses prompts to guide young diabetics through the analysis of trends based on data collected and can help them keep their condition in check by modifying behaviour.

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Bant is a made in Canada app that simplifies diabetes management with a single swipe for readings, instant saving of the results to a secure personal health record (PHR) where that data is stored securely and can be shared. Results can be shared to Twitter if desired.   Bant’s intent is to help teens transition from being cared for by their parents to being responsibile for their own care; which can be a challenge. Bant (after Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin) is  intended to be used by Type-1 diabetics, who should check and log their blood glucose levels four times throughout the day.

Bant todayKey Features:

  • Capture readings with a single swipe
  • Store the readings instantly in Microsoft Health Vault
  • Analyze trends over time
  • Connect with the diabetes community
  • Customize alerts & appearances

Bant was developed by the University Health Network visit their site here 

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