A&D Precision Weigh Scale w Bluetooth

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This Precision scale has a large capacity of 200 KG and provides for simple one button operation for easy measurement without confusion. This scale works as a stand-alone device for local readings but it also broadcasts readings via Bluetooth to a receiving application like Microsoft HealthVault  or GrandCare. A& D has also established  a unique weight diary program for use with the Bluetooth Scale. It is designed to enhance usage by accepting not just weight data to show trend and BMI, but also  daily diet and activity in order to build a record of  eating habits. This program is available in pound (lb) and kilogram (kg).

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This Precision Health Scale with Bluetooth technology data output can function as a stand-alone device for local readings only or can broadcast readings via Bluetooth to a reading application for data to be graphed and stored remotely

Communicates with:

  • myFitnessCompanion(Android), BP Log App (Android) or Health Measure (Android)
  • PC via Bluetooth


  • Digital display: Liquid crystal display, 25 mm character height
  • Maximum capacity: 200 kg / 450 lb
  • Minimum display: 0.1 kg / 0.2 lb
  • Wireless communication: WML-30AH (Mitsumi Electronics Co. Ltd.)
  • Power source: Four type AA batteries (R6P, 1.5 volt x 4, not included)
  • Battery life: Approximately 1000 measurements
  • Measures:  kg or  lb selection
  • Accessories: Add-on feet (4), Instruction manual
  • Construction: Low Profile/Rugged Construction/Motion Tolerance/Indoor Use only
  • High Compatibility:  Bluetooth Class 1/Works with Various Bluetooth receivers/CE0700 compatible
  • Privacy:  128 bit encryption of data for protecting  privacy