Wellness Monitoring

We think there is reason to be hopeful that the growing supply of easy and affordable wellness reporting technologies (or telehealth monitoring devices) in the market today for tracking health indicators like weight, fingertip pulse oximetry, blood pressure and blood sugar levels will make a difference to overall health. Approximately 45% of adults today deal with at least one chronic condition (such as high blood pressure and diabetes). 1 in 3 adults tracks at least one health indicator such as blood pressure, blood sugar or weight for themselves or a loved one. Until recently of those that do track at least one health indicator, most (49%) only keep track of those readings “in their heads” and only 17% shared those results with a health care professional. However, the same survey showed that for those who are living with a chronic condition, regular tracking and sharing of a related health indicators or symptom helped them better manage that chronic condition

These wellness (telehealth) products are generally available as a standalone technology. However, others are intended to be integrated with a wellness application or platform which allows for wireless recording and storing of such information where family and health care providers can access that information remotely to monitor an individual’s’ healthcare.

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