Medication Management

A big challenge that can come with aging is an increase in the number of medications required; 25% of those over age 65 have 3 or more chonic conditions that often need to be treated with multiple medications. Taking the right medication at the right time is critical as the adverse effects of not doing so can be very detrimental or even life threatening. Unfortunately, errors taking those medications are too common and are a leading cause of admission to hospital. Often, the inability to manage medications plays a role in not being able to live independently. Medication related problems can cause confusion, falls, incontinence, insomnia, loss of coordiantion, dehydration, memory loss. Technology can assist with medication compliance, including reminders and record keeping management. etc .

Research shows that mismanagement of medications is a real problem Approximately 30% of all hospital admissions for those over age 65 are directly related to missed does or overdoses of medication and 40% of those entering long term care do so because they are unable to manage their medications on their own.

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