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Anyone can become socially isolated but older individuals are more at risk of social isolation due to changes in their physical condition as well as their personal lives that can reduce their social circles and daily activities. Other environmental factors may also be at play such as infrastruture barriers or reduced income. Social isolation can often lead to negative health outcomes such as declining health, loneliness and emotional distress or depression. We carry innovative, age friendly software products as well as all in one platforms that promote social inclusion by making computers simpler and easier to use by older folks and those without technical experience.

These products and platforms enable enhanced communication which also benefits family members and caregivers. Messages, email, calendar updates, and pictures can be can be shared. Many also offer one- touch, “on demand” video chat via SKYPE.
The market is changing rapidly so please be sure to stay connected or connect directly with us if you have a specific safety concern you are looking for help with.

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