No More Yellow Immunization Cards-There’s an App for that Now – and it’s Cdn.

Under the category of “I wish I had this when my kids were young”…or “where are those yellow immunization cards when I need them” ?ic_button_logo

Good news and a Canadian First !  A mobile (bilingual) app has been designed specifically for Canadians and their families  to keep track of their immunizations. Well, actually it does even more than that, so now it has far exceeded the Yellow Card capability.

Immunize CA


ImmunizeCA provides 24/7 access to vaccination schedules based on information specific to people’s home province or territory, and to reliable, expert-approved, bilingual information about vaccinations for children, adults and travelers. It also offers useful tools such as appointment reminders and local outbreak notifications.

Thanks to the  Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), Immunize Canada & the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) a free  app is now available for your smart phone or  other mobile devices that will help Canadians keep track of their vaccinations.


The Immunize CA App is free and provides and allows you to:

    • Easily record and store vaccine information
    • Access vaccination schedules
    • Manage vaccination appointments for the entire family
    • Access evidence-based and expert-reviewed information about recommended and routine vaccinations for children, adults and travelle
    • Receive alerts about disease outbreaks in their area

Visit Immunize Canada about the ImmunizeCA app

More Good News-the App is available for IPhones, ,Android AND Blackberry


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