Helping Professional Caregivers

Reduce paperwork , maximize patient value without compromising dignity

Professional Caregivers work in Community Care, Private Care and Assisted Living Communities. Professional caregivers do vital work but they can often become ‘over-tasked’ with some of the more tedious yet important tasks. Digital health technologies will never replace the human touch, but they can enhance the work environment for caregivers and improve efficiency so that more time is available for hands-on care. Enhancing caregiver interactions &  building deeper relationships with those that they care for   means that enhancing the overall value of service.

Digital health technologies particularly those that provide for Activity (ADL) or Wellness monitoring can fill in the gaps between visits and be a differentiating factor in a growing marketplace ultimately offering more opportunities for growth.

Here’s a summary of the major benefits

  • Caring for clients is more effective  when remote monitoring can provide alerts on conditional changes
  • Automated wellness reporting can reduce time spent with paperwork & increase service; a benefit the bottom line
  • Improved management of chronic conditions means improved client satisfaction
  • Coordinating schedules with staff OR family members enhances efficiency
  • Providing family members with information and keeping them “in the loop” with online care notes builds better, deeper relationships and potential referrals
  • Remote care can provide source of additional revenue for caregiving organizations
  • Comprehensive digital health systems are a cost-effective means to support caregiving staff that can increase engagement with clients  and enhance client relationships.

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