Keeping up with Digital Healthcare & what Consumers want

My love of Infographics continues unabated!

Behold, a  summary of the 2013 National Market Insights Survey compiled in 2013 by National Research Corporation, the largest online healthcare consumer survey in the US.

It’s an infographic that says so much… .. about much…about Patient or User Preferences, the impact of Social Media on Health Care & what the future may have in store (hopefully) based on our ever growing use of smartphones, computers and social media. It’s leading to more of us becoming more engaged in our own healthcare and sharing our experiences good and bad with others. It’s about the age of “Customer Centric” health care. Providers necessarily, have to catch up to what we are looking for in a hurry; most are lagging behind our expectations.


From National Research Corporation a Checkup on the State of Digital HealthCare

From National Research Corporation a Checkup on the State of Digital HealthCare

Over 80 in Ontario? Special rules for Health Card Renewals

And so they should have special rules about renewing health cards if you are over 80 or if you have a loved one that is over 80. The problem is that while it was a good initiative they certainly don’t promote it very well. Those I have spoken with in health card for the most part do not know either. Our own hospital told us there was no choice but to renew my 94.5 year old  father in laws health card by taking him to Service Ontario. Right. His health card expired while he was in hospital and I refused to take him to Service Ontario in his frail condition.   So here are the special exceptions that you can also find online…

Service Ontario site 


Health Card ontario                             You can mail in the renewal form by mail and receive a photo and signature exempt health card. Just complete and sign the form on the back of the renewal form and                                                         either take it to Service Ontario or mail it

Here’s the link to downloading any forms  you might need for Health Cards in Ontario




Hope this helps