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If you like what you see & particularly, if you have clients that can benefit from Digital Health Technology please consider joining our Affiliate Program to spread the power of technology 4 Good!



Our goals with an Affiliate Network

We believe that digital health technologies can make a BIG difference to many individuals and families today including most particularly, those who are older and those who have a chronic health illness or disability.  Digital health technology can enhance the lives of both users and their families or caregivers  and  empower users with independence Many of these technologies can help individuals avoid crisis and hospitalization. Unfortunately, this area has been underserved with respect to awareness and attention although it would seem that attention on this sector is increasing over time.We believe that a greater number of individuals and families can benefit by learning about digital health technologies   and therefore part of our role we believe is promoting awareness and education in this area.  We believe that many digital health technologies have the ability to provide meaningful value and therefore we offer such technologies for sale by way of this website. And finally, we believe that both goals of building awareness and making digital health technologies available would be well served by establishing an Affiliate network of like-minded individuals and organizations who already serve those that can benefit from these technologies in a different capacity.

Our products are technology enabled in some capacity and therefore differ currently from those that are traditionally sold through a drug store or medical supply retailer. The market is changing daily with new products being developed at an increasing rate.  We will strive to maintain pace with these changes and add to our product line accordingly.

Affiliate Benefits

  • 5% commission on most products (some exceptions may apply)
  • Access to a developing market and an expanding product line of technology enabled solutions
  • The opportunity to provide enhanced value to clients you already deal with
  • Free shipping on all orders in Canada over $50 (some exceptions may apply)
  • Affiliate support – relating to education & awareness (  or phone

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