About Us

Our Story

This site is an extension of our main Silver Compass Site where we first provided information about the opportunity of using technology for health. We showcased New & Innovative Technologies making a positive difference with some of the challenges that can come with Aging. However, given the explosive growth and change in the market in so many exciting ways we have decided to dedicate a whole site to Technology Enabled Solutions that can help folks stay Safe, Well, Connected & Independent as they age but also at any age….

We believe…

We believe in the importance of  aging with grace and dignity and we believe that technology can make a BIG difference to that goal for many. We believe that digital health technologies offer great potential for helping people with various challenges.  These people include older individuals as well as individuals who are challenged with a chronic condition or a disability, maintain or enhance their independence and quality of life.

Many of these technologies can help individuals avoid crisis and hospitalization.  They can make a difference no matter the living location-living independently or with family, or in a care facility. The result overall can be improved peace of mind for everyone.

However, the outstanding potential offered by many of these digital health technologies are  not exclusive to those who are faced with particular health challenges or chronic conditions. Digital Health technologies are also about staying Healthy, Well, Safe and Connected  at any age.

The reason we have established this site separate to our Silver Compass website  is to provide awareness & education about the fast growing array of simple, smart & affordable assistive/technology enabled solutions geared towards health, wellness and empowerment. We believe they can make a difference to you, your loved ones or patients.

The market is changing daily so stay in touch. Sign up. Connect. Enjoy the ride. Technology for Good.

Core Mission

Helping to unleash the potential of technology for safety, wellness & connections

Technology has transformed our lives in a multitude of ways. And now, exciting and innovative technologies offer the potential to dramatically improve both the quality of care & the quality of life for older individuals & those with chronic illnesses or disabilities. At the same time, these technologies offer great hope for reducing health care costs & improving  peace of mind for everyone in the ‘triangle of care’

Core Values                                                                                    about technology for health

These are the core values that drive us & guide us

  • Customer Centric: (Customers First)
  • Accountable:  (Do what we say we will do)
  • Integrity: (Do the right thing all the time)
  • Honesty: Communicate honestly & with clarity
  • Create Meaningful Value: (Deliver ongoing value to clients, employees & partners)
  • Inform and Educate:  (Share knowledge &  learning generously)
  • Compassion:  (Always act with sensitivity to the unique situations of clients)
  • Be Kind: (Because the world needs more kindness)